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in this video podcast series, our guests bring you the “too long; didn’t read” (TL;DR) version of their articles, papers, blog posts, etc. Saving you time dissecting the key messages

AI in Action 🪄
behind the magic

in this video series, we take you behind the scenes of the AI ‘magic’: from its history, terminology, inner workings, and regulatory framework to specific applications

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the full length deep dive

in these long-format video podcasts, our guests go into the depths of AI as they answer thorny questions and share their noteworthy reflections on current debates

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Alexander Peukert
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In this TL;DR episode, Prof. Dr. Alexander Peukert (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main) discusses his primer on copyright in the EU AI Act with the AI lab

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Episode 02: AI Terminology
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We talk about AI terminology in the second episode in our AI in Action series. The AI term gets thrown around more than a beach ball at a summer picnic, and it’s not always clear what people are talking about. AI is a layered beast, like a high-tech set of Russian nesting dolls. You crack open the biggest one, and bam! There’s another one inside.

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1:1 with Pamela Samuelson
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in this episode, we explore the complexities of AI with renowned copyright expert Professor Pamela Samuelson (UC Berkeley School of Law) and focus on critical issues such as transparency, the intricacies of inputs and outputs, and the challenges of (collective) licensing


Alexander Peukert

Thomas Margoni

Elisa Giomi

Derek Slater

Žiga Turk

Nuno Sousa e Silva

AI in Action 🪄
EP01 - AI History
EP02 - AI Terminology
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MEP Axel Voss

Kai Zenner

Brian Williamson

Michiel Van Lerbeirghe

the AI decrypted project

Everyone talks about Artificial Intelligence (AI), including policy makers across the globe, but do we, and more importantly do they, really understand what the real issues are?

The AI decrypted project, including its series of video podcasts and Xchanges, looks at the opportunities and challenges AI creates from a policy making point of view.

We ask experts and stakeholders about their thoughts on this buzzing issue. By doing so, the AI lab intends to feed into discussions on AI and Generative AI and copyright, such as the one taking place in Brussels in the context of the European AI Act.

AI lab goals

The AI lab. project aims to create a constructive debate around AI, Generative AI and and the impact of copyright.

The core objective is to inform policy makers in the EU and beyond, as well as key stakeholders.

AI decrypted project

The AI decrypted project is an initiative supported and hosted by the Coalition for Creativity.

C4C brings together libraries, scientific and research institutions, digital rights groups, technology businesses, and educational and cultural heritage institutions that share a common view on creativity and copyright.

The podcast host is Caroline De Cock, expert in Internet law and copyright.

season 1 | AI decrypted