EC's fair share / network fees consultation 📝

On 23 February, the European Commission launched its much anticipated public consultation on “the future of the electronic communications sector and its infrastructure” that notably looks into the fair share / network fees debate.

In light of this EC consultation and the general debate on a fair share / network fees, the internet lab has prepared the following resources:

  • one spreadsheet with stakeholder positions; and,
  • two infographics on (1) the arguments put forward and (2) the stakeholders involved.
spreadsheet 🧰
infographics 👀
latest hot item 🔥
Prof KS Park

in this ‘Hot Item’, co-chairs of the Open Internet Expert Working Group of the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) Véronique Ney (ILR) and Christoph Mertens (BNetzA) & the internet lab discuss BEREC’s views on the so-called fair share discussions

latest event 🗣️
Network Fees internet lab. Xchange

internet lab hosts an online roundtable discussion on Tuesday 19 September 2023 titled: “Network Fees: What’s Net Neutrality Got To Do with It?”.

hot items 🔥

MEP Tiemo Wölken

Bruno Veluet

Prof KS Park

Prof KS Park

the internet lab

The importance of the internet has never been more evident than today.

The internet lab. aims to trigger exchanges and innovative thoughts around the internet, as EU and national policy discussions around it evolve.

By talking to experts and stakeholders, the internet lab intends to feed into discussions on Internet sustainability from a business and economic point of view, such as the ones expected in Brussels around the Connectivity Infrastructure Act, and other digital policy files.

'fair share' project goals

The ‘fair share’ project aims to create a constructive debate around internet sustainability, and the impact on consumer choice.

The core objective is to inform policy makers in the EU and beyond, as well as key stakeholders.

season 2 | what’s wrong with the EC consultation on the future of telecoms?

'fair share' project support & host

The ‘fair share’ project, including a series of video podcasts, is an initiative launched by SME Connect.

SME Connect is the network of SMEs and their supporters. It is non-political but advised by a non-profit board of politicians made up of all constructive political groups.

The video podcast host is Caroline De Cock, expert in Internet law and copyright.

season 1 | fair share / network fees background