19 September 2023 internet lab. Xchange

Network Fees: What’s Net Neutrality Got to Do with It?


internet lab hosted an online roundtable discussion on Tuesday 19 September 2023 titled: “Network Fees: What’s Net Neutrality Got To Do with It?”.

The debate was structured in two rounds:

  • Round 1: The consultation has ended and the jury is in – how have the European stakeholders responded to the European Commission’s exploratory questionnaire on the future of the electronic communications sector and its infrastructure? How do they view the proposal for “fair share”?
  • Round 2: Who needs an Open Internet when an Open Internet can be broken? – setting out why the Open Internet is important.
  • Q&A (if time allows)

Practical information


Tuesday 19 September


14.00-15.20 CEST


Online roundtable with livestream

Some Key Messages
Round 1: The consultation has ended and the jury is in

Caroline De Cock - information labs

Caroline De Cock (LL.M.), an expert in Internet law and copyright, moderates the information labs video podcasts and has interviewed 30 guests for the internet lab on the topic of network fees.

Caroline is Managing Director of N-square and Square-Up. Prior to that, she was Regulatory Director for COLT Telecom and Director EU Affairs at Cable & Wireless. She is the author of ‘iLobby.eu: Survival Guide to EU Lobbying, Including the Use of Social Media’.

Prof Marco Scialdone - Euroconsumers

Marco Scialdone is head of litigation and academic outreach at Euroconsumers, the world’s leading consumer cluster in terms of innovative information, personalised services and defence of consumer’s rights which includes Test-Aankoop / Test-Achats (Belgium), Altroconsumo (Italy), DECOProteste (Portugal), OCU (Spain), Proteste (Brazil).

Marco is Adjunct Professor of law and management of digital content and services at the European University of Rome. In 2018 he was appointed by the Italian government to the high-level expert group on artificial intelligence and served, from 2019 to 2023, on the Italian permanent advisory committee on copyright.

Marco is a member of the editorial board of The International Journal of Metaverse & Virtual Transformation (IJMVT) and the advisory board of NOVA IPSI Knowledge Centre. Since 2023, he has been the director of the Consumer Empowerment Project.

He is the author of numerous publications in the field of computer law and new technologies.

Carl Gahnberg - Internet Society

Carl Gahnberg is the Director of Policy Development and Research at the Internet Society, where he focus on issues related to Internet policy.

In this role, he contributes to the organization’s global policy development, research, and its partnerships with international and regional organizations, engaging with global policy makers and non-governmental stakeholders on key Internet issues.

Round 2: Who needs an Open Internet when an Open Internet can be broken?

Smriti Parsheera - School of Public Policy, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Smriti Parsheera is a lawyer and public policy researcher specialising in privacy, data governance and digital rights. Until recently, she was a Fellow with the CyberBRICS Project at FGV Law School, Brazil.

Prior to that, she led the technology policy work at New Delhi’s National Institute of Public Finance and Policy. As part of this assignment, she advised the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of India during the adoption of India’s net neutrality framework between 2016-2018. Smriti studied law at the National Law School, Bangalore and the University of Pennsylvania School of Law. She is currently pursuing a PhD at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi’s School of Public Policy.

Prof KS Park - Korea University Law School & Open Net Korea

Kyung Sin (KS) Park is Professor at Korea University Law School and co-founder and Director of Open Net Korea. He served as Commissioner at the Korean Communication Standards Commission, a Presidentially appointed Internet content regulation body (2011-2014).

KS is a board member of the Global Network Initiatives, a self-regulatory coalition of global platforms and telecommunication network operators; a member of the Advisory Network to Freedom Online Coalition, an inter-governmental body of countries committed to internet freedom; until 2020, a member of the High-Level Panel on Media Freedom, a group of legal experts advising an inter-governmental body committed to media freedom Media Freedom Coalition.

He is one of the leading authors of the Necessary and Proportionate Principles on Communications Surveillance and the Manila Principles for Intermediary Liability.

Prof Luca Belli - Center for Technology and Society, FGV Law School

Luca Belli is Professor of Digital Governance and Regulation at Foundation Getulio Vargas Law School in Brazil, where he directs the Center for Technology and Society and the CyberBRICS project.

Luca served as Net Neutrality specialist for the Council of Europe and was the founder of the Net Neutrality Coalition of the UN Internet Governance Forum.

His works have been quoted by numerous media outlets, including The Economist, Financial Times, Forbes, Le Monde, BBC, China Today, The Hill, O Globo, and Folha de São Paulo.


Dr Konstantinos Komaitis - Lisbon Council & Democracy + Tech Initiative

Konstantinos Komaitis is a senior researcher and non-resident fellow with the Lisbon Council and a non-resident fellow with the Democracy + Tech Initiative of the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab. He is a veteran of developing and analysing internet policy to ensure an open and global Internet.

Konstantinos spent almost ten years in active policy and strategy development as a Senior Director at the Internet Society. Before that, he spent seven years as a senior lecturer at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, where he was researching and teaching Internet policy.

Konstantinos has worked for the New York Times and provided strategic advice to a variety of companies and international organisations on internet governance and public-policy issues. He is a public speaker having talked at many events around the world, including a TedX talk. He is also the author of a book on domain name regulation and a writer for a variety of outlets, such as Politico, Brookings, Slate, TechDirt and EurActiv, and wrote a book on domain name regulation.

Finally, he sits on the board of IP Justice, a San Francisco-based NGO, and is the co-host with Jillian York of the “Internet of Humans Podcast”.