AI lab | Podcast Season: 1 - Episode: 3 / Release date: 27-9-2023 - Recording date: 8-9-2023

1:1 with Teresa Nobre

Key Quotes

"Everything would be easier if there was more transparency across the copyright ecosystem itself. (...) There's no place that you can consult that will tell you who are the owners, who are the creators, the title of the work."
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"Machine learning developers (...) will not be able to provide this [copyright] information, because this information is simply not publicly available for the vast majority of works."
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"To demonstrate compliance with copyright law, machine learning developers only need to show that they have respected machine-readable rights reservations."
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"Our recommendation: European Commission, do something that's more towards involving everyone in the solution to the problem."
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"[Our paper intended] to remind everyone that this [text and data mining (TDM)] framework provides legal certainty to machine learning training in Europe and, in our opinion, is a sensible and forward-looking approach."
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"In order to preserve the commercial text and data mining (TDM) exception, two things need to happen. First, machine learning development needs to become more transparent. Second, we need clarity on how to make the opt-outs effective."
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"A training data transparency requirement should be introduced in the EU in order to uphold the opt-out system. This should be a very reasonable and very proportional requirement to avoid placing disproportionate burden on machine learning developers."
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"The European Commission has a crucial role to play: it should lead discussions [with stakeholders] to provide guidance on how the opt-out is supposed to work in practice, and the same with the transparency requirements"
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"The European Commission clarified that the [Copyright Directive] exceptions facilitate text and data mining (TDM), including by AI developers."
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About Our Guest

Teresa Nobre | Legal Director - COMMUNIA
Teresa Nobre is the Legal Director of COMMUNIA, an international association that advocates for policies that expand the Public Domain and increase access to and reuse of culture and knowledge. She is an attorney-at-law and is involved in policy work both at the EU level and at the international level, representing COMMUNIA at the World Intellectual Property Organization.