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1:1 with Dean Bubley
Disruptive Analysis

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"I've already been fairly critical of a lot of the discussion around the so-called fair share debate, which I think is anything but fair in the way that it's been framed."
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"[The consultation:] the numbers and the data that they're looking for are incredibly detailed, and the definitions are incredibly poor."
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"[The consultation:] it's poor in its assumptions. (...) it essentially assumes that increases in data traffic implicitly mean increases in costs: that largely isn't true, especially on fixed networks."
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"The whole thing seems to be an exercise in a logical fallacy called begging the question: which essentially is almost like assuming the answer."
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"It's not a particularly well constructed questionnaire: it is very much targeted at traditional telcos rather than, for example, MVNOs or alternative network operators."
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"It looks to me as if [the consultation is] designed to come up with a big trawl of data (...). How much of it is comparable between respondents or over time is highly debatable."
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"They are trying to look as if they're collecting enough information to justify a policy they have already decided on."
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"The way the Internet works is that Netflix doesn't generate traffic, I request traffic."
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"I decide to sit down and watch a movie: maybe I get it from Netflix, or from brand X (...). I'm sitting on the sofa 2h consuming the same number of Mbytes, it doesn't really make any difference where it comes from."
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About Our Guest

Dean Bubley | Founder - Disruptive Analysis
Dean Bubley is the founder of Disruptive Analysis, a technology consulting firm based in London. He is known as a visionary in the telecoms and more generally connectivity sectors, and is therefore a frequent speaker at major conferences on these topics, as well as a source of quotes and contributions for publications such as The Economist, the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal. Dean’s clients include many of the world’s leading telecom operators, vendors, regulators and industry associations.