internet lab | Podcast Season: 1 - Episode: 4 / Release date: 27-10-2022

1:1 with Frode Sørensen
Norwegian Communications Authority

Key Quotes

"Telco customers are downloading content. It's not content providers that are generating the content as such."
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"Telco customers already pay for the Internet access to download (...) content (...), content providers [also] pay for distributing content on the server side."
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"BEREC concludes: there is no evidence of CAPs free riding on telco networks."
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"By introducing Sending Party Network Pays, we will achieve (...) [a] so-called termination monopoly on the Internet, and that is not a good development in the market."
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"Telcos provide transmission capacity, which relates to the cost of the infrastructure, and content providers (...) provide content, which relates to the cost of producing content and (...) maintaining [their] platforms."
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"Maintaining [an] Open Internet at the network layer is fundamental."
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"Any measures should ensure that net neutrality is not threatened."
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About Our Guest

Frode Sørensen | Senior Adviser - Norwegian Communications Authority
Frode Sørensen is a Senior Adviser at the Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) and he holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Oslo. Frode has been leading the development of the Norwegian net neutrality policy at Nkom since 2007. He has been Chair of BEREC Net Neutrality Expert Working Group 2010-2018. The Expert Working Group developed BEREC’s net neutrality guidelines which were published in 2016. Frode is still an active member in the BEREC Open Internet Working Group, representing Nkom. Since 2019 Frode has been representing Norway in the Governmental Advisory Committee in ICANN. Frode has more than thirty years of experience in telecommunications and has previously worked at Agder University, Telenor and Ericsson and he is the author of several books on Internet technology.