internet lab | Podcast Season: 2 - Episode: 9 / Release date: 16-5-2023

1:1 with Klaus Landefeld
DE-CIX Group

Key Quotes

"The growth of traffic was never a problem. It has actually come down over the last two decades, significantly come down."
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"Investing in infrastructure to compensate for that growth in traffic is part of your job as a carrier. We've always done that, we have to do that."
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"Because of technical advances, the cost to transport data has actually come down (...), and it's still coming down. It's coming down more rapidly than the increase in data, meaning your backbone cost stays the same, or even decreases."
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"[Network fees:] we don’t see this as something where the actual way the Internet operates, the whole business model of the Internet should be challenged, because that is what will happen."
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"Some of these telcos say: “we only want five companies to pay for the traffic.” (...) That's not true. Some of these companies are actually asking dozens or hundreds of other small players to pay already. They've done that for 20 years."
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"Amazon Web Services (AWS), the largest peering partner of everyone today, (...) they host 10s of 1000s of companies. Their traffic is a mix being sent by a lot of people. How would you segregate this traffic?"
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"[Caching] is really the biggest issue right now that the telcos are asking to be paid. They don’t allow on-net caches, which makes no sense at all. A whole technology is being left out in this proposal, and it's not properly reflected in the consultation."
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About Our Guest

Klaus Landefeld | Member of the Supervisory Board - DE-CIX Group
Klaus Landefeld is a member of the supervisory board of the DE-CIX Group. He is an expert on the topics of infrastructure and networks, net neutrality, data retention, telecommunications surveillance, and IT security. Klaus provides advice and support to organisations and authorities across the world, including as a member of the Committee for Technical Regulation in Telecommunications of the German Federal Network Agency (BNetzA). He is also a founding member of multiple internet exchange points.

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