internet lab | Podcast Season: 2 - Episode: 4 / Release date: 13-4-2023

1:1 with Luca Belli
Center for Technology and Society, FGV Law School

Key Quotes

"It's pretty much the same kind of conversation we had 10 years ago, exactly a decade ago about net neutrality."
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"It's actually a proposal to charge twice for the usage of broadband networks: to charge both the user and the content provider, and this is quite questionable in terms of net neutrality."
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"If the pandemic showed something, it was a very good stress test that allowed us to say that the net neutrality model in Europe works well."
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"Until 2020/21, many network operators in Europe were offering free unlimited video (...). It's very curious to think that at the same time operators may complain about collapsing networks due to congestion, but are also offering unlimited video (...)."
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"A more rational and well informed debate would be in the benefit of everyone, all stakeholders, especially European consumers."
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About Our Guest

Prof. Luca Belli | Professor & Head - Center for Technology and Society, FGV Law School
Luca Belli is Professor of Digital Governance and Regulation at Foundation Getulio Vargas Law School in Brazil, where he directs the Center for Technology and Society and the CyberBRICS project. Luca served as Net Neutrality specialist for the Council of Europe and was the founder of the Net Neutrality Coalition of the UN Internet Governance Forum. His works have been quoted by numerous media outlets, including The Economist, Financial Times, Forbes, Le Monde, BBC, China Today, The Hill, O Globo, and Folha de São Paulo.