internet lab | Podcast Season: 2 - Episode: 5 / Release date: 20-4-2023

1:1 with MEP Sabine Verheyen
EPP Group

Key Quotes

"The cultural and creative sector are often not considered, even though they would be directly affected."
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"You have to listen to all sides and not just make a one-sided questionnaire to the needs and impact on the telecoms sector."
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"The consumer will pay for this: if you charge streaming services with additional fees, it will be (...) to the detriment of new production of content, or it leads to higher costs for streaming services."
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"Unintended consequences for large parts of the cultural and creative sector cannot be ruled out. This additional burden would be (...) extraordinarily damaging."
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"If the creative sector is impacted by network fees (...), it would jeopardise the functioning market for online content and significantly impact online consumers."
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"Creative and cultural players and ISPs have a largely symbiotic relationship, with many creative content providers investing in technological developments for improved network efficiency."
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"The demand for high quality and high data contracts is because we have creative content that people want to see, so the demand is also driven by the content."
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"Network fees (...) would likely hamper creative content providers’ ability to invest in content and network enhancements, (...) which would also weaken us in international competitions."
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"It is important to also very clearly say that network fees would put net neutrality at risk."
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"I'm not in favour of having network fees as an instrument for a better development of the network infrastructure."
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"There are a lot of instruments [to] ease up the rollout of a better Internet. Network fees will not be the right solution: there is enough money in the market, but it must be used in the best and efficient way."
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About Our Guest

MEP Sabine Verheyen | German MEP - EPP Group
MEP Sabine Verheyen has been a Member of the European Parliament for the German Christian Democrats (CDU) since 2009 and is Chairwoman of the Committee for Culture and Education since 2019. MEP Verheyen focuses in particular on media policy, intellectual property and digital agenda issues and she took part in the past in the conciliation committee on the telecom package.