internet lab | Podcast Season: 2 - Episode: 2 / Release date: 23-3-2023

1:1 with Nicolas Guillaume

Key Quotes

"I have no desire to destroy what makes my strength: to produce an open Internet access. I do not want to tax anyone: my job is to transport all data (...), that's what my customers pay me for."
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"I don’t want a directive, a recommendation to undermine my economic model (...), I think it’s going against the tide of history."
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"I find it extremely shocking that at the EU level, a former CEO of one of these major traditional operators that is pushing very, very hard on this issue of fair share, is the one who is in charge of the file."
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"We’re going to do the exact opposite of what we’re trying to achieve in Europe: become a major continent in terms of tech, cloud, Internet infrastructure, and so I don’t want to go down that road."
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"My great fear is that Big Tech will no longer invest in Europe or very little, as they have done, for example, with submarine cables landing here in France in Marseille: an extraordinary opportunity."
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"I’m going to be impacted because I also have to put bandwidth monitoring devices in my network, and I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to intercept network flows. (...) It’s red tape."
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"The entire audiovisual industry will be impacted (...) by this fair share and the possible increases in bandwidth cost. (...) The collateral damage is absolutely huge (...)."
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"The Internet is very well financed. For me there is really no point today to make anyone pay compared to the existing models."
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"We forget something very important (...): yes, the traditional operators are there, but they have very cumbersome structures. They cannot innovate like us, the smaller players."
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"Europe must not legislate or hastily adopt bad measures that risk disrupting a system that works."
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About Our Guest

Nicolas Guillaume | Président - Nasca
Nicolas Guillaume est Président du groupe français Nasca dont la filiale Netalis est un opérateur télécoms alternatif qui propose des services de connectivité dans toute la France et qui déploie son réseau de fibres optiques dans plusieurs métropoles. Expert des infrastructures Internet et réseaux télécoms depuis près de 20 ans, il a été également secrétaire général de l’AOTA, Association des Opérateurs Télécoms Alternatifs, structure nationale créée en 2017 qui fédère près de 50 opérateurs régionaux partout en France. Il s’exprime à titre personnel sur l’évolution du marché des télécoms B2B en France et en Europe.

Nicolas Guillaume is President of the French Nasca Group, whose subsidiary Netalis is an alternative telecom operator that offers connectivity services throughout France and deploys its fibre optic network in several metropolitan areas. He has close to 20 years of experience in Internet infrastructure and telecom networks. Nicolas has also served as secretary general of AOTA, the French association of alternative telecoms operators (Association des Opérateurs Télécoms Alternatifs), a national structure created in 2017 that federates nearly 50 regional operators throughout France. He speaks in his personal capacity on the evolution of the B2B telecom market in France and Europe.