internet lab | Podcast Season: 2 - Episode: 7 / Release date: 4-5-2023

1:1 with Rudolf van der Berg

Key Quotes

"Questions 50-53, go on about large traffic generators and how they should be charged, while forgetting that research (...) has shown that almost all large EU telcos charge (...) for traffic delivered on their network."
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"Deutsche Telekom's lines are saturated on the transit side, and they think that's completely normal, because well: "We're Deutsche Telekom, you need to pay us.""
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"Deutsche Telekom had a 20% packet loss to the German universities during Covid. (...) DT didn't have enough capacity. Instead of fixing its network, DT used that as leverage (...) to force them to pay DT for the traffic."
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"[Network fees:] it's not about not getting paid. It's about getting paid more, that is what the large telcos want."
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"It's not about large traffic generators. It's about big telcos using their termination monopoly to extort money from other networks for running their network badly (...). That just gets me annoyed."
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About Our Guest

Rudolf van der Berg | Partner - Stratix
Rudolf van der Berg is a consultant with 20 years of experience in Internet, telecom, privacy, online content, standardisation and related topics.

In the past, Rudolf was an Economist and Policy Analyst at the OECD working on telecommunications and Internet-related policy. He notably wrote reports on Machine-to-Machine communication, Internet of Things, connected television, mobile termination rates, fixed mobile convergence, international cables and Internet exchange points. Working together with BEREC - the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications, he organised two meetings on IP-interconnection, which brought the Internet peering community and regulators together.