internet lab | Podcast Season: 1 - Episode: 5 / Release date: 10-11-2022

1:1 with Žiga Turk
University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Key Quotes

"[Telcos] are just infrastructure, a utility, and (...) maybe the glory is someplace else. This may be painful, others are making more money, but rightly, deservingly so."
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"Internet companies were the ones who were creative, who invented new services, and it was actually the Internet companies that kept the telcos relevant."
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"It has to be made clear that Big Tech does pay to be connected to the Internet, just like you and me, [and] they are actually paying much more."
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"What Big Tech would have to pay to the telcos would in the end have to be covered by some revenues of Big Tech, which they would extract from the users. (...) There is no such thing as a free lunch."
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"The windfall revenues that the telcos would be getting could be making them even less competitive."
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"[The Fair Share idea] would destroy the principle of net neutrality that we fought very hard for."
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"This would mean the end of net neutrality, to treat all traffic equally. There would be Big Tech’s traffic, and there would be everybody else's traffic."
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"The extra burden on the Internet services would slow down the innovation in (....) services, and put in question any developments of new bandwidth intensive services."
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"[On the Internet] anyone with an idea of a service could create it (...) This model dies, if service providers have to start setting up or contributing to infrastructure."
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"It's a kind of Robin Hood approach, to look at who is successful and try to slap a fine, or a tax, or a contribution [on them], because they are believed to be able to pay."
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"Putting a special tax on [Big Tech] would be like adding a special tax on successful businesses that use water or electricity (...) , just because they're making something very valuable out of [it], (...) In the end, it looks a little bit like revenge."
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"Politics should stay away and let the various stakeholders (...) work out their relations among themselves. It has worked out in the past, and it will work in the future."
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About Our Guest

Žiga Turk | Professor - University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Žiga Turk is a Professor at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He holds degrees in engineering and computer science. As an academic he studies design communication, internet science and scenarios of future global developments, with a focus on the role of technology and innovation. He is an internationally recognized author, public speaker and lecturer on these subjects. Žiga was Minister for Growth as well as Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports in the Government of Slovenia. He was also Secretary General of the Felipe Gonzalez Reflection Group on the Future of Europe. His past activities outside of academia and policy making include a stint as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Telekom Slovenia and Mobitel.