media lab | Podcast Season: 2 - Episode: 4 / Release date: 7-2-2023

1:1 with Elda Brogi
EUI & Centre for Media Pluralism and Freedom

Key Quotes

" [EMFA’s] potential (...) is created by many elements, but in particular by what (...) we call the media plurality test."
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"This [EMFA] media plurality test is strictly linked with the role of the media authorities both at national and EU level, namely with the European Board for Media Services."
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"It is welcome that national laws should be revised in order to better take into account media pluralism. Nonetheless, some problems may arise when implementing this media plurality test."
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"[Media plurality test:] the [EMFA] proposal gives some principles (...) to revise national laws, at this stage (...) they are not very detailed. The criteria (...) to assess concentration are not very detailed either."
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"The European Board's peer review is a good injection that adds something to a policy on media pluralism, nonetheless, it may not be fully effective."
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"The [EMFA] foresees that the European Board decides by a two thirds majority, (...) this will help (...) define standards that exert peer pressure across European authorities."
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"If we look at the media pluralism monitor report, we can see that not all the authorities are independent from political and commercial powers. This could be an issue."
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About Our Guest

Elda Brogi | Part-time Professor & Scientific Coordinator - EUI & Centre for Media Pluralism and Freedom
Elda Brogi is Professor at EUI, the European University Institute, and Scientific coordinator at the Centre for Media Pluralism and Freedom. She is also a Member of the Executive Board of the European Digital Media Observatory, where she coordinates the “Policy research and analysis” work stream. She teaches Communication Law at the University of Florence and was co-rapporteur for the Draft recommendation on electoral communication and media coverage of election campaigns for the Council of Europe, where she serves as a member of various expert committees.