media lab | Podcast Season: 2 - Episode: 11 / Release date: 11-4-2023

1:1 with MEP Marcel Kolaja
European Pirates - Greens/EFA Group

Key Quotes

"I'm really surprised that the EC did not not actually provide any justification for this measure: everything else is pretty much very well justified in the impact assessment, but this part has not been."
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"We had a discussion on a very similar provision already during the Digital Services Act negotiations and the co-legislators agreed to not put such a measure there."
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"Article 17 is really not justified: the problem lies in the fact that the platforms would basically have to uphold the content from media."
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"Media getting some beneficial treatment is problematic from the perspective of disinformation. "
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"If misinformation sites self-declare as media, it would be very difficult to take their contents down."
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"We have even seen attempts from co-legislators, that I find completely scary, to change the [Article 17] wording and make such an obligation stricter for platforms, even for content which is not in compliance with T&Cs."
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"Article 17 EMFA is very problematic, very dangerous, and from my perspective doesn't have a place in the legislation."
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About Our Guest

MEP Marcel Kolaja | Czech MEP & EP Quaestor - European Pirates - Greens/EFA Group
MEP Marcel Kolaja — member and the 1st vice-president of the Czech Pirate Party— is a Member and Quaestor of the European parliament. He engages in the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO), the Committee on Culture and Education (CULT), and the Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Age (AIDA), as well as in the delegations for relations with the United States (D-US) and with India (D-IN). His work is mainly focused on topics related to the functioning of society in the digital age. Marcel Kolaja stands for open technologies, freedom on the Internet, independence of media, transparency, and a united Europe.