media lab | Podcast Season: 2 - Episode: 2 / Release date: 24-1-2023

1:1 with MEP Radan Kanev
EPP Group

Key Quotes

"I cannot help but notice a very significant omission [in the EMFA], and it's a topic that I've been working on for many, many years now (...)[:] it is the control on media financing via European funds."
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"What I've seen with great concern for (...) at least a decade, [and] in Bulgaria it is an obvious problem, is that this European funding is very much channelled politically."
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"Media (...) engaged in fake news, (...) outright propaganda and dissemination of Russian disinformation cliches, are (...) receiving significant amounts of European funds to advertise European programmes."
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"It's a matter of European money, funding, and most of all European priorities (...) We should definitely fix this in the upcoming [EMFA] legislation."
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About Our Guest

MEP Radan Kanev | Bulgarian MEP - EPP Group
MEP Radan Kanev is a Bulgarian politician and a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) in the EPP Group. He started his political activities as a political blogger in 2004, and has since continuously been involved in the topics of media freedom, transparency and alternative forms of public communication. During his active political career, he was chairman of the centre-right Democrats for a strong Bulgaria and served in the National Assembly of Bulgaria. In the European Parliament, he is currently active in three Committees: (1) Petitions, (2) Employment and social affairs and (3) Environment, public health and food safety.