internet lab | Podcast Season: 1 - Episode: 3 / Release date: 20-10-2022

1:1 with Josh Choi
Korea Startup Forum

Key Quotes

"The total sum of the 3 major [Korean telco] companies’ operational profits surpassed 10 billion US dollar in the previous quarter (...) however, (...) network infrastructure [spending] decreased compared to the same quarter last year."
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"The telecom network infrastructure is not just an industry but also a utility like water and electricity."
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"High quality content is created, and more and more people therefore will use the Internet, and then telcos can generate revenue based on this growth motor."
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"Requiring content providers to contribute to the network is not aligned with the original principle and the spread of the Internet."
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"If the government just leaves the network (...) to the players in this field, obviously [they] will choose to minimise the cost and maximise the profit."
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"Try to think about what would be really the best role of the policymakers, the governments to support telcos and incentivize them to focus more on the product."
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About Our Guest

Josh Choi | Director of Business Development - Korea Startup Forum
Josh is the Director of Business Development at Korea Startup Forum, the biggest startup membership organisation in Korea. His current focus is to support and consult with startups for their recovery and growth through the pandemic. Prior to that, he was notably Chief Communications Officer at ICONLOOP which is Korea's No. 1 blockchain startup, and Programme Lead of Smart ABC which stands for AI, Banking and Cities at the International Telecommunication Union, where he worked for nine years.

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